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Mother Nature Provides All

Energy. Endurance. Stamina. We all require theses advantages for this modern world with all its complexities and problems. Altus Vitality believes Mother Nature can supply us with solutions for this. Shilajit is a black resin that naturally oozes out of the rock in the Altai and Himalayan mountains. The local populations have been consuming this black tar for thousands of years and speak of great abilities that stem from it. They swear by the rejuvenating properties it harbors and the strengthening and energy providing abilities it offers. 

The Conqueror Of Mountains

History & Tradition

Shilajit and age hold healing remedies have been around for thousands of years and the ancient peoples speak of the "Ayurvedic" medicines. They believe that wellness stems from maintaining a healthily "mind, body and spirit". Shilajit is naturally occurring in the high orient and Himalayas and also in northern Pakistan, Tibet and the Altai mountains region in Russia and Mongolia and has been around for thousands of years and is known locally to some as the "Conqueror of mountains"  

What Is Shilajit

Shilajit contains practically all of the elements from the periodic table. The creation of this liquid type tar comes from its humble beginnings as broken down plant matter and vegetation within the valleys and mountains of the Altai and Himalayas. Over millions of years moisture and water vapour make its way down the mountain sides which seeps in to this material to then ooze from the rocks and crevices as a sticky brown tar, producing what we know today as "Shilajit"

Our Source

Shilajit comes in certain gradings, and only the finest most beneficial Shilajit is to be found high within the mountains, between 10000ft-16000ft. We make sure we source out Shilajit from the pristine mountains of the Altai. We deal with locals who know the land and know the where the highest grades of Shilajit are. We trust our Siberian brothers and sisters in supplying us a brilliant high quality Shilajit and are proud to deal directly with them and their families. 


Below are a host of beneficial properties from Shilajit and what effects they have on the body. Both scientifically proven and traditionally known.

Immune System & Brain Health

Shilajit helps enrich your body with a plethora of minerals. Shilajit has shown an increase in positive immune system response


Diabetes & Sugar Balancing

Shilajit has shown that it has an incredible effect on reducing blood glucose levels within the body especially taken over  a period of a few weeks regularly


Powerful Natural Antioxidant

Shilajit shown to have strong antioxidant properties that can aid in prevention of Alzheimer's and potentially other mental deteriorating aliments


Holistic Healing Properties

With over 80+ minerals the ancients knew exactly how strong Shilajit was and its effects. Known holistically, Shilajit is told to heal wounds and create more clarity of the mind


Digestion Effects & Nutrient Absorption

The Fulvic Acid content with Shilajit can help break down foodstuffs, increase the amount of nutrition taken from it and transport it more efficiently around the body to the required areas


Anti-Inflammatory & Stronger Bones

Shilajit has shown with its Fulvic Acid content to drastically help the body deal with internal inflammation. It's Strontium and Calcium content also can upkeep good bone health


Skin Care & Anti-Aging Abilities

Shilajit has been told via the history texts about its anti-aging properties and how it can naturally keep skin healthy and full of life. Modern science can now support such claims


Increase To Natural Energy Production

Being more energsied on a completely natural level is hard to achieve. Shilajit has shown to effect the mitocondria directly to increases its natural ATP (Energy source) production


Testosterone And Hormone Balancing

As men age naturally testosterone decreases, exponentially at certain points in his life. Shilajit has shown to drastically increase natural testosterone production which goes hand in hand with libdo


How To Take Shilajit?

The ancients knew how to use this incredible substance to their advantage. It's simple, quick and effortless. With an natural smell and a earthy taste you can rest easy knowing Altus Vitality provides high quality and authentic Shilajit. 

Take 200mg (a pea sized amount)

A dosage of this level is the traditionally used amount of the peoples of the Altai & Himmalayers. You are able to increase your dosage to your desired level but if you are just starting out a small pea sized amount is just enough

Let It Dissolve In Water Or A Herbal Beverage

Let the Shilajit dissolve naturally in either water, tea, herbal tea or milk. In order to "prove" authenticity you should not need to stir it and it should naturally dissolve on its own without any aid. You can also add this to smoothies, protein shakes and other drinks 

Consume And Feel Naturally Empowered

Shilajit is 100% completely natural and comprised of broken down plant matter over millions of years. Most people feel more energized within a week or so, others do not feel anything but remember, Shilajit is powerful and works behind the scenes!

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